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ooc; application [01.31.2030]

[ mood | good ]

The worst thing about buying things online is then having to wait for your new exciting purchase to arrive, especially when it's coming Europe. But I just bought this and I am so ready to be a spooky scary skeleton and send shivers down your spine. Gonna pair it with some red stilettos and my spiky red leather jacket and that's it, babies. That's my outfit from now until the day I die. Sometimes I might mixed it up with a statement necklace.

If you listen closely in the future, you will hear the people on the A Train whisper did you see that fucking outfit? and maybe you think it's said with derision, but it will actually be with awe. The two can sound similar, it's easy to mistake.

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Filtered to Tinsel [04.17.2021]
[ mood | busy ]

You busy this weekend? I'm going out to visit that mansion I've been helping Hecate turn into a women's refuge and I wondered if you might want to come on an adventure to the greatest place in all the boroughs: The Island of Staten!

Hecate told me she's put a spell on the place to keep gods away, but if you feel weird when we get there (being a demi-god and all) I have a charm that I can give you.


Filtered to Merlin [03.24.2021]
Any requests for our appointment on Thursday?

As long as it fits with this Pokémon lingerie obviously.

Text to Will Scarlet [03.21.2021]
Today 11:42 PM
“A trap is only a trap if you don't know about it. If you know about it, it's a challenge.”
Made me think of you and your daring escapades.
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[Luna had gotten five blocks from the McDonalds when she remembered that Hermes and Peitho weren't at home. They'd gone to Hawaii today and wouldn't be back for a week. Breathless and desperate, she'd stopped in the street, all thoughts of them making things better being snatched away. She just needed someone to make her forgot! She needed someone who could take her away from everything, even if just for an hour or so.

Standing on the street corner, Luna felt like she was going to scream again. The angry helpless void inside was rumbling, threatening to eat her alive, and she just wanted to silence it.

With shaking hands she pulled out her phone.]

Text to Merlin
Are you home?
I'm looking for company.

Filtered to Merlin [03.09.2021]
[ mood | focused ]
[ music | Living Dead Girl - Rob Zombie ]

Hey there, hot magic daddy ;)

You still interested in my services?


Filtered to Tinsel [03.06.2021]
[ mood | indescribable ]

[Luna had told Tinsel about her hotel meet up with Will Scarlet, about how weird and slightly uncomfortable it had been, but how maybe it could turn into a friendship again. And now it was Tinsel she wanted to talk to about the newest development.]

I went and had donuts with Will the other night, ended up telling him about my scars and how I got them.

Guess I'm trying not to keep everything quite so locked down inside myself. I hear that's healthy or something crazy.

What nights are you free this week?


[ mood | impressed ]

tfw you're talking to some random on instagram and everything is pretty chill and then the conversation just goes so off the rails you don't even know how to respond?

I need you to know there was only about five messages back and forth before this one )

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Filtered to Tinsel [02.14.2021]
[ mood | drunk ]

Hey Tinsel )


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