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ooc; application [01.31.2030]

Filtered to Tinsel [03.06.2021]
[ mood | indescribable ]

[Luna had told Tinsel about her hotel meet up with Will Scarlet, about how weird and slightly uncomfortable it had been, but how maybe it could turn into a friendship again. And now it was Tinsel she wanted to talk to about the newest development.]

I went and had donuts with Will the other night, ended up telling him about my scars and how I got them.

Guess I'm trying not to keep everything quite so locked down inside myself. I hear that's healthy or something crazy.

What nights are you free this week?


[ mood | impressed ]

tfw you're talking to some random on instagram and everything is pretty chill and then the conversation just goes so off the rails you don't even know how to respond?

I need you to know there was only about five messages back and forth before this one )

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Filtered to Tinsel [02.14.2021]
[ mood | drunk ]

Hey Tinsel )


Filtered to Will [deleted six minutes after posting] [02.13.2021]
[ mood | drunk ]

i know that you've got so much going on right now and that maybe we're in a weird place as well and that i shouldn't put anything on you but i feel like i'm completely coming apart at the seams, like i'm full of dark disgusting oil that won't stop spilling out and staining everywhere i look and there's nothing i can do that makes it stop or slow down or

i killed someone. i didn't want to, i never wanted to but- he took me off the street and he tied me up and he stripped the skin off my body and he would have kept going, i know he would have just kept going until there was nothing left, until i was just muscle and blood and he never would have stopped and

but i can't stop remembering it! i can't stop remembering what he did to me and i can't stop remembering what it felt like to feel him dying underneath me and my dreams just keep filling up with more and more horrible things like him and ares and michele and all the fucking things that ive done that i'm scared there's going to be nothing left that is actually me anymore, just horrors. just nightmares and fear and guilt.


Filtered to Merlin [02.05.2021]
[ mood | awake ]

You ever watch terrible shows with you in them for a laugh? Or is it never a laugh and only infuriating?

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Text to Will [02.04.2021]
[It's the guilt that keeps Luna awake tonight. It's the thought of a knife sinking into a man over and over, and the way it reminds her of watching Michele kill that man in the parking lot, and the way that Tinsel had looked when she saw it, and the way that it still felt visceral and sticky even now that it was in the past. Luna knows she shouldn't feel guilty, but maybe it isn't guilt. Maybe it's just the sick knowledge of taking a life, no matter who that life belonged to. Maybe it's just that memory of death that won't leave her alone.

So instead of sleeping she makes a coffee and curls up against the big living room windows, the city whited out with snow. Tonight she's opened up her A Series of Unfortunate Events books, because they are familiar and comforting and at least she isn't an orphan in peril.

There's a quote that catches her and, exhausted, she opens up Will's texts automatically before remembering they don't really do that anymore.

But then she decides: life is short and she'd almost died again. Why the fuck not send Will a quote without context, just like the old days?]

Today 3.45 AM
“Fate is like a strange, unpopular restaurant filled with odd little waiters who bring you things you never asked for and don't always like.”
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Filtered to Much [strikes unreadable] [01.31.2021]
I'm sorry that I shouldn't have been rude to you that day on the street. Will gave me the impression that you were all talking shit about me behind my back and I was angry and hurt. He very drunkenly told me last night that wasn't the case and none of you had been saying anything bad. I got it wrong.

I hope you find Marian, wherever she is.

Delivery [01.23.2021]
[A delivery man will arrive at Tinsel's door, bearing a massive hamper from Luna.

The note is in Luna's neat handwriting and reads:
Dear T.

There is literally no way I will ever be able to repay you for what you did, nor any way to ever make up for the things you had to see. You're a blitzen superstar, I swear.

Your now best friend forever and ever, Luna.
Luna knows 'things' can't make them even, but she figures showing her appreciation is a start.]
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Filtered to Will Scarlet [01.23.2021]
[At 3am on Friday night, Luna can't sleep. Plagued by the thoughts of taking someone's life - whether he deserved it or not - she tosses and turns in bed. (Mostly she does this mentally, because lying on her sides hurts her healing arms.)

Eventually she gets out of bed and decides to give up on sleep for now, replacing it with coffee instead. Scrolling mindlessly through the internet she remembers that dumb meme Will had sent her, and how she'd been so preoccupied on trying to find the correct reply.

She doesn't know if the meme she sends means much at all, but it's a late hello signaled across the waves.]

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